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Review: this being our first club volleyball experience, we loved it! thank you AGAPE for knowing my kid and supporting her this season! not only have her skills sky-rocketed, so has her confidence and love for her team and the sport!!

Thayna Baker
Agape 14-1 Silver, 2017 Season

My daughter got the best coach, who helped her to accomplish goals that she had and continue using those skills for Volleyball games. She has build her self-esteem, and learned a lot of information about that sport . I am as a parent really grateful to the coach Narisa and her daughter Lasi.

Thank you so much for everything..

Nina Mitchenkov
Agape 12-1 Silver, 2017 Season

I loved what I saw at practice last Friday! They are doing great! Matilda is doing a league at the Community center here, same as she did last year, – and the difference is astounding! They are learning so much more with you. They just need to transfer the structure from practices to the games – which I still remember took a while to get the hang of! I will try to encourage Matilda to be more vocal and confident – it doesn’t come natural to her, so I know it’s just a matter of getting it to be automatic.

Thanks for your hard work!

Erika Turner
Agape 12-1 Silver, 2017 Season

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