Agape 14-1s Are Winners at the First Agape Friendship Tourney

Agape 14-1 wins at Agape Friendship Tourney

Agape 14-1 Silver team did not drop a game as they won their pool in the first ever Agape Friendship Tournament. Agape’s tournament was held at Multnomah University last Sunday. The Silverton Bearcats 14-1s also went undefeated to win their pool. The two champs battled each other to a draw in a faceoff match to end a very long day.

We are excited about how well the day went and are so thankful for the participation by the amazing players, coaches and fans from: OJVA 14 Black, Agape 14 Silver, Agape 14 Orange , Absolute Zero, Eastern Heat, Canby 14-1 and Canby 14-2, Hiki No 14-2, Silverton Bearcats 14-1, NE Portland VBC 14 Attack.

Silverton Bearcats win at Agape Friendship Tourney

Congrats to the Silverton Bearcat 14-1s for also winning their pool!